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Team Communication Map Workshop

Defining the Communication Dynamics of Your Team!

Course Outline: Team Communication Map

The Team Communication Map workshop has been designed as a way for participants to summarise, record and share key communication characteristics about their team. The workshop brings a team together to explore each others' communication styles and how to effectively adapt to maximise communication.

As a part of the workshop, each team member will receive a TTI Success Insights DISC Profile. Utilising the DISC Profile, each team member will share:

  • Their Value to the Organisation
  • Checklist for Communicating
  • How to Avoid Ineffective Communication

Each participant will complete their own map of how to communicate and work with their colleagues. With these insights, the team leader and the members of the team will be better equipped to navigate their daily interactions in person, online or in a hybrid situation.

The Team Communication Map is a half-day initiative and can be facilitated virtually or as an in-person workshop. It is designed for teams of 10 or fewer.

What The Workshop Covers

Understanding the DISC Model

In this session, we will build out the DISC framework and how it can be used by the group to better understand one another and increase the effectiveness of their interactions.

Value to the Organisation

In this session, we explore some of the strengths of each team member's natural behavioural style, as well as, how they might unlock more of their potential.

Things to Do When Communicating

In this session, we explore each participant's natural behavioural style to provide some tips others should keep in mind or do when communicating with them.

Things To Avoid When Communicating

In this session, we explore each participant's behavioural style to provide some tips others should try to avoid when communicating with them. This will help the team to avoid situations that create frustration and degrade trust.

The Team Communication Map

As a part of the workshop, each participant will build their own Team Communication Map. This map serves as a guide to navigating the daily interactions with each team member.

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